about me

Hi kidds,

I’m Bix, or Bixy (as the page suggests)

To sum up what you’re dealing with;

  • I live with 4 cats; Hugo, Patch, Jessie & Batcat
  • I like films and zombies and blood and guts and gore (but only the fake stuff)
  • I get excited about the little things in life (just not as much as I used to)
  • My family & friends are my world (they are a cross between the Friends cast and characters from Bo Slecta) and I talk about them lots
  • I have the temper of a cobra in a hot box – but I like to call it passion
  • I am fast approaching 30 I just turned 30 and if you’re around that age too, then maybe you feel the same horrific realisation every day that you better get a move on with your Goals, Hopes and Dreams
  • I still don’t know what my Goals, Hopes and Dreams are…

Please stick around while I figure out what I am doing here.

Your input and assistance is welcome.

Here I am, waiting for your comments, likes, shares, reblogs and questions

3 thoughts on “about me

  1. I recently watched (and have been replaying) the movie Upgrade which reminded me of Equilibrium which made me think of you since you had mentioned it’s one of your favourites. Hoping you check it out if you haven’t.


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