the first post

I have tried blogging loads of times before. I kept thinking – who on earth is going to want to listen to me drivel on?

I mean it’s not really any different now. Even if only one person reads my blog (and even if that one person is me) at least I wrote down the stuff that goes on in my head.

WordPress seemed like the easiest way to have a vreative space where people can get involved easily. I can’t draw or paint, I can’t build anything and I don’t play any instruments – but, what I can do, is write.

I’ve been quite strict about what content I want in my blogs and I thought I had to make the content be about one thing, and for one type of audience if I was going to be successful at actually having an audience.

Then I realised my attention span is shorter than the space between my index finger and thumb and that I could not commit to any one subject without becoming bored or frustrated.

Then I realised that I need to stop trying to focus on just one subject and embrace my goldfish-like tendencies.

I could have it all and so could everyone else. From reading other blogs I noticed that people don’t necessarily go for the subject matter in some cases, but rather the voice behind the writer. Some people are like goldfish too.

So if, like me, you can’t focus on more than one subject for more than a few paragraphs then you should definitely hang around.  I will talk about all sorts.

If I want to tell you all about a film I saw or that I’ve been learning about the impact of advertising on children or if I just happen to be writing a story about a female serial killer that runs a parrot sanctuary, then I can.

There are no limits.

That is my first post. Short and sweet enough to get you interested I hope.

4 thoughts on “the first post

  1. Well, “Miss Goldfish”. 😘 I think yr blog has meaning and yr words are like therapy for the soul. Words can also be like the colour of a rainbow ‘Gold, Green, pink and blue, that will sometimes merge and create new, depths of colour and meaning for people who read yr blog! 📚🌈
    The thing here, is chikka, that you enjoy writing and keep on writing. If no one else reads it or don’t like yr colours then, they’re missing out on an grt adventure that I am personally looking forward to reading,
    often…” Every Journey Starts with Small Steps”…..A very proud Auntie Gail ❤ xxx

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