creative corner

(working title) 4

Saturday 0730

When Millie found the first open door in the corridor, she threw herself through it. All the others she had tried were locked, and she felt like she had been running for hours. The relief of finding sanctuary made her legs to wobble like jelly being dropped onto a plate as she went through the door, and she fell against the wall inside. The last images of her friends, Alison and Lilah, gnawed at the back of her mind. She let her head fall into her hands while she slid down the wall into a crouched position with her knees trembling. She sobbed for some time, her teeth chattering as she squeezed her eyes open and closed, hoping she would be able to force the images out. 

Millie couldn’t be sure if she had heard something, or if there had been a movement in her peripheral vision. Her head snapped up as her body tensed and her hair stood on end. She shook her head a little and wiped tears from her face before shifting into a squat, facing the slightly open door ahead of her. She was trying to focus her hearing on any sound while restraining herself from taking deep, loud breaths. 

Millie’s neck tensed a little more as she heard the single swish of a wet mop sliding across the floor. Confused by the noise, she frowned and strained a little harder to hear it again. The room she was in was big but empty, except for a table in the middle and two chairs either side. There were two doors: the one she was staring at, slightly ajar; and another behind her, on the same wall as a huge mirrored window. A small video camera poked out above the open door with a silent red light blinking beneath it. She had briefly wondered if anyone was watching her, as she crouched in a feral hunch beneath the mirror. 

The wet swish sound came again, and the door twitched slightly. Millie took a sharp breath in as a bloodied hand slapped down on the hard tile floor. Another hand came down, and Lilah’s contorted face and milky-white eyes were dragged into view.

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