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have a word with me?

It’s time to check-in and have a quick word with yourself.
I want to know: what type of person are you? πŸ€”

If one of your friends was in trouble, are you the kind of person that would do everything you could to help them out of trouble?

Are you a dog lover?

Woof this is Moo, Moo this is Woof

If you saw someone hurting a person or animal in the street, would you step in and stand up for them?

Do you like funny cat videos, and make aww noises between laughs?

what are they looking at?

If you saw an injured animal in the street, would you go out of your way to take it into a vet?

When was the last time you helped out a complete stranger because there are just too many assholes in the world and you don’t wana be one of them?

race for life

When was the last time you did something that did not serve your own interests?

Two years ago, I had a word with myself. Or rather, a few Vegans had a word with me. I was slammed with shock and went on a fear-filled guilt trip.

😱 the animals, the environment – omg I must help save the planet!!!

well, this is rubbish 😏

I decided to stop eating meat. In fact, I didn’t stop there. I decided to quit fish and cheese and eggs. FULL VEGAN.

And while I’m at it, I’m going to chuck the fags in an’ all.

And the recycling, I must get on top of the recycling too!

Oh and I definitely need all new Cruelty Free Make-Up and Household Products…

Oh I never felt more alive. I had such purpose! I finally had a reason to –

Oh who was I kidding.

I was smoking again within a week and eating the odd McDonald’s by month six 😢
Eventually, a year in, I found myself eating animals again πŸ˜–

I made excuses about it because I didn’t buy meat from a shop, and only ate it when I went out.

…Unless I was cooking for friends that came over.

…Or I was looking after my Niece πŸ‘€

…Or getting takeaway πŸ™ˆ

Yeah, I failed miserably πŸ˜”

The change was too fast and I had no idea how to make food that satiated me; most meals felt like they were missing something. Alternatives like Quorn were great and I love their sausages and chicken nuggets (which are better than McDonald’s in my opinion 😌). But what was I gonna do, live on Quorn? I think not.

this is delightful, thanks Karen, I’ll have a tea if it’s not too much trouble

Ok, so I did finally quit smoking, almost everything I buy is Cruelty Free and I’d say I’m one of the top recyclers in Hull – but even if the meals I had at home were Vegetarian it wasn’t good enough and I lived in blissful ignorance with my ‘buts, ifs and maybe’ excuses.

Something happened though; I heard a sound-clip of Pigs screaming in a Slaughterhouse as they were gassed…

the coldest bed

It made me cry. Not just a little bit, but I actually sobbed myself to sleep. It made me take the time to think about it. I mean really, really think about what I was doing and what I was part of.

There were my cats, (all four of them) rolling about on the bed, snuggling up for cuddles as I cried and cried and faced the real truth of what happens every day to millions of animal babies. Every animal has the potential to be a pet, a member of your family… could you cope if you imagined your cat or dog was treated the same way we treat pigs and chickens and cows?

catch me if you can hoo-man

Well, that was two months ago and I haven’t eaten an animal since, no matter where I’ve been or who has been at my house. It’s a bit slower than before. I’m still eating Fish, Cheese and Eggs and I don’t feel like my meals miss anything anymore (maybe because I’m still eating Fish, Cheese and Eggs πŸ™ˆ). I don’t eat them everyday and the plan is to finish the Fish I have in my freezer and then I’m going to let go of Cheese and Eggs. It’s like the past few years have been a bit of prep’. I’ve gotten used to eating meat-free meals (despite all the times I didn’t). In all honesty there were a lot of times I couldn’t face meat, but sometimes the cravings would just take over – and I was weak.

giza kizz Dad

So if you are thinking of making the change, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make it first time round. Most of us are brainwashed from being children to think that this is ok. We don’t often see the consequences of our actions, or worse, we choose to ignore them when we do. I expect only a few people will have made it this far into the post once they realised what it was about – it’s easier to stop reading than to have a word with yourself.

So, well done for making it through, it’s almost over, and with a challenge no less.

thirsty and frightened

If you aren’t going to make the change, have no intention of trying a meat-free diet then I challenge you to eat your pork or chicken or beef meal while you watch a video of caged animals walk to slaughter << Click here, just before you tuck in.

That is the challenge. If you can face it, acknowledge it and still swallow your food then you have a stronger stomach than me.

born to die

If you can’t swallow, if you can’t make it through the video or even your meal, then maybe you just opened a door. Maybe you will make a different decision next time you go shopping? Maybe you will try Cottage Pie a different way? Or, learn how to make a new Taco Tuesday fave? Maybe, just maybe you will think twice before you pick up that cellophane wrapped animal.

i could get used to this

Everyday we make choices about the type of person we are, but do we ask ourselves if they are good choices? Everytime you ignore pain and suffering you are making a decision about who that person is. Nobody is perfect, but there’s no harm in trying everyday to be better. I don’t know who said it but this is one of my favourite sayings is this:

It isn’t about one person doing it perfectly a thousands of times; there just need thousands of people trying to do it – only then, will there be change. So please, have a word with yourself.

forehead kisses are my favourite

If you want to learn more, here are a few links to some informational sites:

Kinder World

The Vegetarian Society UK

The Vegan Society